How do I log into the Coaches Office?
 First you must be a registered coach with Colorado American Legion Baseball (CALB). Once you have been verified and registered as a CALB coach you will be sent instructions for logging into the CALB website.
I forgot my password. What do I do?
 Contact or for instructions on resetting your password.
How do I participate in Colorado American Legion Baseball?
 Refer to:
What does it Cost to Play 2017 Colorado American Legion Baseball (CALB)?
 CALB Team Fees are as Follows: 1. Senior Program - Legion A (19 Yr. Old & Under) Team = $400.00/Team. NOTE: Any Team(s)with 18 Yr. Old Player(s) & having One Yr. of High School Eligibility Remaining MUST Register as a Senior Team. 2. Junior Program - Legion B (17 Yr. Old & Under); Legion C (16 Yr. Old & Under) & Legion D (Incoming Freshman Only) Team(s) = $300.00/Team. NOTE: Legion B Team(s) having 18 Yr. Old Player(s), with 1 Yr. of High School Eligibility, MUST Register as a Senior Team, BUT can Play as a Legion B Team.
What are 2017 ALB & CALB Requirements for Team Accident & Liability Insurance coverage? Cost?
 Mandatory Accident & Liability Insurance by S.A. Van Dyk. Cost for 2017 is: SENIOR: Medical Seasonal = $175.00 + Liability Seasonal = $125.00; TOTAL = $300.00/Team. JUNIOR: Medical Seasonal = $145.00 + Liability Seasonal = $85.00; TOTAL = $230.00/Team. Individual Team S.A. Van Dyk Accident & Liability Insurance MUST be Paid On-Line No Later Than May 15, 2017. A $200.00 Late Fee will be assessed, if paid after May 15, 2017. NOTE: A $25.00 National On-Line Administration Fee will be assessed by National Office American Legion Baseball, when paying insurance, for Each Senior &/or Junior Team, respectively.
What is Colorado American Legion Baseball all About?
 Refer to: CALB Webpage "Home" Link
Who do I contact for Furter Information, Interest in or Questions about Colorado American Legion Baseball (CALB)?
 E-mail: Phone: Daniel Reyez, Chairman: 720-333-7602 Lynn E. Peterson, President: 720-841-5079
How do I Register a 2017 Colorado American Legion Baseball (CALB) Team?
 All American Legion Baseball (ALB & CALB) Teams MUST Register Nationally On-Line, Beginning January 1, 2017, but No Later Than May 1, 2017. Refer to: Team National On-Line Registration & Coach Background Check Button Links; located CALB Website Home page Upper Right Corner.
As a Coach &/or Player who is interested in playing 2017 Colorado American Legion Baseball (CALB), what should I do?
 As a Coach &/or Player, contact CALB at:
When are the Required 2017 CALB Coaches Team Registration & Scheduling Meeting(s)?
 The Annual MANDATORY Coaches Team Registration & Scheduling Meeting(s) are held Typically in Late March & April 2017. Specifically, Refer to: CALB Home Page,Team Fees & Sched Mtg. Link, as well as, any applicable Listed ENews Announcement(s).
Who do I contact regarding 2017 CALB Team American Legion Post Sponsorship opportunities?
 Contact CALB:
Where do I find additional informantion about American Legion Baseball?