January 8, 2017

KEY CALB Program Reminders & Key Information


1.    As of January 1st Team(s) can Begin to Initially Register for the 2017 CALB Program & Season. Visit www.calb.org, Register & Submit NOW!!

2.    Team Coach Background Check(s). Visit www.calb.org. Register & Submit NOW!!

3.    Team(s) Interested in Hosting 2017 CALB Department POST SEASON Tournament(s) - Elite, Legion A, B, C & D. Visit www.calb.org/Coaches Office. Submit Tournament Host Application NOW!!



1.    2017 American Legion Baseball (ALB) & CALB Program

    a.    2017 ALB National & CALB Department Rule Book; visit www.legion.org/baseball &             www.calb.org/Rules & Regs

    b.    Pitch Count Rule; visit www.legion.org/baseball & www.calb.org

    c.    American Legion Logo Baseballs; visit www.legion.org/baseball & www.calb.org 

    d.    No Dual Rostering - SENIOR PROGRAM ONLY; visit www.calb.org